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After more than 20 years in the field, our company has amassed a wealth of experience providing sod installation services to property owners across Bloomington, IN, and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to make our clients smile as they approach their homes and businesses and enjoy the beauty of their landscapes. The problem is, while it may seem that this is only a matter of selecting beautiful-looking plants or building attractive hardscaping elements, it’s really much more than that! Beauty begins from the grass and C&S Lawn and Landscaping offers the best pre-grown grass installation and replacement services to help you achieve the landscape of your dreams quickly and efficiently.

Installing a Sod Lawn Might Be Just What You Need

Whether your lawn needs some targeted maintenance or you are dealing with a barren yard, we can help you get a successful sod that will be the crown jewel of the neighborhood. Sodding is one of the fastest ways to get a verdant, healthy lawn instantly. If you can’t be bothered with seeding, then give sodding a try! You’ll get a visually pleasing yard immediately, and it will only grow stunningly in as soon as two weeks. Amongst other benefits, you’ll find:


  • Lower utility bills because sod requires less irrigation.  
  • Soil erosion prevention because sod stops washouts and stops mud. 
  • Heat reduction because sod can absorb heat.


If you need sod installation services, let our skilled team handle the job. We can help you with anything from new lawn installation to sod replacement and sod landscaping. Give us a call today to discuss your ideas with an expert landscaper!

Beauty Straight From The Roots

Our sod company works with home and business owners to make sure they have a strong root system to promote a weed-free lawn. We provide residential and commercial services, including:


  • Fertilization
  • Mulching
  • Weed control
  • Lawn aeration
  • Overseeding


Keep in mind that lawns don’t always get the nutrients they need naturally, so fertilizers are fundamental to fill up what is lacking. A lawn that has been fertilized will have fewer issues with weeds and insects. We use high-quality fertilizers to feed your lawn and you can be sure that we will develop a customized program depending on the needs of the type of grass you have. Additionally, our weed control service is the perfect complement to care for your lawn. We can treat grass, flower beds, and vegetable gardens with the safest and highest quality herbicides to prevent the germination of weeds.


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Our services are also available in:


  • Ellettsville, IN
  • Stinesville, IN
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